Tom Aho Aleksi Holma Valeri Tsatsishvili Mika Tönning

Creinium’s tale began in the beginning of 2012, when Aleksi Holma (drums) and Antti Myllynen (keyboards) decided to form a brand new metal band on the ruins of their former band. Soon they were joined by Miiro Varjus (bass), Tone Nyström (guitar) and Sami Haimilahti (vocals). Miiro would also take care of the future recording, mixing and mastering duties.

While still searching for the missing musicians Creinium recorded a demo. Modern World Tyranny was released in June 2013. It received critical acclaim, and was selected “Demo Of The Month” by Finnish hard rock magazine Inferno.

By autumn, the lineup was finally completed, as guitarist Mikko Asplund joined the band. The next 2 years passed with regular gigs and music releases. The EP Project Utopia was released in April 2014, which after the roads of Creinium and vocalist Sami Haimilahti separated. In February 2015 Creinium released a digital single consisting of two re-recorded songs from the demo, accompanied with the vocals of their new vocalist Eeli Helin.

The idea of recording a full-length album had been in the minds of the band members for a long time. In early 2015 Aleksi and Antti, who had always took care of the songwriting, finally managed to accumulate enough songs for an album, and soon the recordings were started. In the middle of the recording progress bassist Miiro and vocalist Eeli decided to quit Creinium. However they agreed to fulfill their duties regarding the forthcoming album..

In March 2016 shit hit the fan in Creinium. The recently hired bassist Matti Siekkinen decided to quit due to motivational issues, and guitarists Tone and Mikko also left during that very day. Two days later the other founder and songwriter Antti also left, leaving Aleksi alone to keep the flame. Despite all of this, Aleksi didn’t give up, but started searching for new musicians and made sure Creinium’s tale wouldn’t end and that Hallucinosis would not just be unpublished and forgotten..

It wasn’t long after that when Mika Tönning (ex-Catamenia) joined Creinium as the new vocalist. A few months later Matti Siekkinen also returned to Creinium. The band kept looking for guitarists, and during the summer after quite a few variables they finally managed to stabilize the guitarist section, introducing Tom Aho and Valeri Tsatsishvili. Ironically, in October 2016 Matti left Creinium for the second time.