This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?

We have decided to kick our bassist Jarmo Pyörälä out of the band. I wish I could say there was no drama, but there kinda was. During the 15 months Jarmo was part of our line up, there wasn’t much to be thankful for. His main achievement during that time was to slow us all down and waste another 15 months of time – time we could have spent recording new stuff or doing gigs.

His complete lack of motivation and respect for agreed schedules and other issues just was too much. I mean, if you don’t show up for rehearsals, don’t pick up the phone or call back, let alone read and answer messages, it’s quite hard to be a member of a band.

We wish Jarmo luck on his career as a chef. Metal bass probably isn’t your thing, dude.

Nevertheless, fuck bassists. Bassists are always a pain in the ass, right?

– Aleksi & others / Creinium