Do you want the good or bad news first?
Well, you’ll get the bad news first, so this will leave a good aftertaste.

Matti Siekkinen (bass) has decided to quit Creinium – again. Matti stated lack of interest and motivation as his main reasons for leaving, and his departure came as quite a surprise to us all. And by us all we don’t really mean us two, which brings us to the good news.

We now finally have 2 very good guitarists in Creinium. There was quite a lot going on during the last 6 months, but we have now stabilized the guitar section and would like to welcome and introduce Valeri Tsatsishvili and Tom Aho.

Obviously we will now start looking for a bassist – again. If you are interested, please do contact us via Facebook or email: band’s name at gmail dot com.

More info on the bassist search here.