Line-up news incoming

Hi folks!

It’s now been nearly 4 months since the major changes in Creinium’s lineup. Even though it has seemed that I’ve been alone in the band doing mostly nothing, there’s actually been a lot going on under the surface regarding the album and the recruitment of new band members.
There are still a few variables in the equation, but things should become clear in a few days. Things are actually looking better than in a long while and later this week I will publish some long-awaited good news regarding Creinium’s lineup.

– Aleksi


Hallucinosis available for pre-listening

Our first full-length album ‘Hallucinosis’ is now available for streaming in all of its glory, exclusively via Kaaoszine. Take this opportunity to pre-listen the full album before the official release date!

Hallucinosis will be released on July 1st through Inverse Records. You may pre-order the album from: http://creinium.net/merch/
All pre-orders placed before June 27th come with free shipping worldwide.

Album stream: http://kaaoszine.fi/dark-metallia-perjantaille-creiniumin-debyytti-kaaoszinen-ensisoitossa/


Pre-order Hallucinosis!

Hallucinosis is now available for pre-order via our webshop: http://creinium.net/product/hallucinosis-cd/
Instead of being equipped with a T-shirt, this awesome debut album comes with ***DRUM ROLL*** FREE SHIPPING!!

Hallucinosis consists of 65 minutes and 12 songs of pure awesomeness. Now would be a great time to order yourself a copy, cuz this album is going to blow your mind. If not, we promise you a full refund for the shipping costs, lol.


New website and webshop

We have launched creinium.net 2.0, the brand new and shiny look!

You can still find most of the old stuff here, and we will be putting the rest of them here soon. As you can see, some parts of the site are still under development and we will finish them in time.

With the update we’ve also launched Creinium’s own webshop! There you can find all the official Creinium merchandise and order them easily. Right now we accept PayPal payments and direct bank transfers. Go have a look and get yourself some cool Creinium stuff!


Hallucinosis recordings are finished!

The final vocals for Hallucinosis have been recorded and now everything is finally on tape.

Miiro will start mixing the album and if everything goes as planned, Hallucinosis should be out in the summer.

Here’s the tracklist:

1. Hallucinosis
2. Seams
3. Astral Strain
4. The Ophidian Heir
5. Vigilance
6. Passage To An Altered Portrait
7. Conscious Eclipse
8. Solarbound Colony
9. The Diminished Perception
10. Prometheus Through Immolation
11. Compulsive Transition
12. God Monument