Instrument: Guitars
Member of the band since: August 2016
Previous bands: Dryada, Oberon
Equipment: Esp LTD MH-400, Sterling By Music Man, ENGL E530 preamp, TC Electronic G-Major effects processor, Marshall EL20/20 power amp, Orange 2x12 cab, Axe FX Favorite bands: Dream Theater, Steven Wilson, Ayreon, Symphony X, Transatlantic, Flying colors, Winery dogs, Nevermore, Pantera, Children of Bodom, Gojira, Katatonia, Insomnium, Before The Dawn, Moonspell, Borknagar...

Vallu received his first acoustic guitar at the age of 9. Following his parents' advise, he enrolled in music school with guitar as a minor at the age of 11. However, having exposed to rock music at home since his early childhood, classical guitar did not really spark his interest. The turning point became the band classes, where he tried an electric guitar for the first time. Haunted by the experience, he began actively sharpening his guitar skills by covering classic rock songs. Around that time he ended up as a replacement guitar player in his teacher's rock n' roll band.

Throughout his late teenage and undergraduate years Vallu continued his musical exploration more towards metal and accumulated more experience by being an member of several bands and performing on different venues in Tbilisi, Georgia. Active involvement in music scene stopped in 2006 due to several significant changes in his life. For the next 6 years bedroom become his only music stage with increasingly rare gigs. After graduating from the University of Jyväskylä and settling in a bit, it became possible to get active again. In 2012 he joined the newly formed Doom/Death band Hence The Silence, but after several frontman changes, the band became somewhat inert.

In 2015 he was selected among the 100 guitarists to join Aleksi Laiho and his band at Helsinki Festival. As the inactivity in Vallu's band prolonged, he started looking for an active, challenging but inspiring band. Finally, in 2016 he found exactly what he was looking for - Creinium was looking for a guitarist. Without much thinking he went for the auditions, and guess what? He got the job.

Vallu is not a shredding type of guitarist, but more interested in guitar sound and music production. He has an unhealthy level of interest towards fiddling with music gear and is obsessed with the recording studios.

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