Member of the band since:
August 2016
Previous bands:
Dryada, Oberon, Hence The Silence
ESP LTD MH-400, Ibanez RG2020x, SBMM JP50

Signal chain:
Fractal Audio Ax8, Marshall EL20/20 power amp, ENGL SB212 cab.
Favorite bands:
Too many for exhaustive list here. Few examples: Nevermore, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Transatlantic, Katatonia, Insomnium.

Vallu received his first acoustic guitar at the age of 9 and following the parents’ advice, enrolled in music school with guitar as a minor at the age of 11. However, having exposed to rock music
at home since his early childhood, classical guitar did not really spark his interest towards the instrumnent. The turning point became the band classes (bändikoulu) where he tried an electric guitar
and performed in front of a small audience for the first time. Haunted by the experience, he began activelly sharpening his guitar skills. Throughout his late teenage and undergraduate years Vallu
continued his musical exploration more towards metal. He accumulated more experience by being an member of several bands and performing on different venues in Georgia.
Active involvement in music scene stopped in 2005 due to several significant changes in his life. About six long and musically unproductive years passed by before he joined
doom/death band Hence The Silence in Espoo. In 2015 he was selected among 100 guitarists to join Aleksi Laiho and his band at the Helsiki Festival. In 2016 he found Creinium had a vacant guitarist places.
Without much hesitation, he went for the auditions and you guess how did it end.

Besides being an axe man, he has an unhealthy level of interest towards fiddling with guitar gear and music technology in general.

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