Member of the band since:
July 2016
Previous bands:
Chastisement, Routavaurio
LTD-ESP guitars
Favorite bands:
AC/DC, Motörhead, Dimmu Borgir, Diablo, Kalmah, early Children Of Bodom,Misfits, Judas Priest, Korpiklaani, Stam1na, Iron Maiden, Guns’n’Roses Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, Before The Dawn, Arch Enemy, Black Sabbath (Ozzy era), Pendulum, Queen, Ramones, Rammstein, Santa Cruz, Sentenced, WASP, Vader

Tom has had some musical tendencies already from a very young age. Tom recalls playing pots and pans like drums as a kid everytime he visited his grandma. This would continue until one day his grandparents bought him a march snare drum to play. Later on in junior high, Tom started to play drums more seriously and it didn’t take too long until he started a band called Chastisement with his friends. However, Chastisement broke up fairly soon, after which Tom moved to Rovaniemi.
Without a band to play drums in, Tom got interested in learning to play the guitar. With intentions of learning just a song or two, Tom soon found himself playing everything from Judas Priest to Offspring and so the guitar playing kind of “stuck on”.

Time went on and Tom got into Rovaniemi Pop & Jazz conservatory to study music. After meeting some new people at the school, he soon got asked to play drums in a band called Routavaurio. After 2 years, Tom decided to quit drumming and thus also quit in Routavaurio. After that, Tom took guitar playing more seriously for the next 3 years.

After moving back to southern Finland Tom hadn’t even so much as touched his guitar for 7 months before Aleksi contaced him through a music related forum, asking if he was interested in auditioning for the guitarist slot in Creinium. Funny enough, Aleksi had already unknowingly promoted Creinium to Tom at IRC-Gallery in an annoyingly persistant manor for several occasions. Talking about small world, huh? Even so, Tom decided to audition to the band, and the rest is history.

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