We are still looking for a bassist. Despite our industrious search for one, we still haven’t found a bassist to complete our lineup. We are very eager to finally get on the stage with the new lineup, so if you can handle the bass, please contact us immediately.

The requirements are as follows:
– You know how to play. If you’re a total rookie, this probably isn’t the right band for you.
– You actually like our music and want to join the band.
– You own a 5-6 string bass or are willing to get one. Our tuning is a weird but functional BCGCF. The B isn’t negotiable, lol.
– You are a disciplined and conscientious rehearser. Our music isn’t that difficult technique-wise, but it sure does require some serious memorizing.
– You can communicate in English. Finnish proficiency is a bonus, but we mostly communicate in English.
– You live near Helsinki region or are willing and able to commute there (maximum) o

or twice per week.

If you are interested and feel that you meet the requirements, contact us swiftly at creinium AT gmail D0T com.

More info (in Finnish) here: https://muusikoiden.net/wanted/nayta.php?id=145133