We are sad to announce that Eeli & Miiro have left Creinium. Their decision was influenced by artistic differences and their concentration on their new project Caji. However, the production of our debut album Hallucinosis continues as before despite the lineup changes. Right now everything except the vocals has been recorded.

Anyway. Now we’d like to introduce our new bassist. Please all welcome mr. overbassist, mr. Matti Siekkinen.


So now all we need is a new vocalist. Hey you, vocalist. Read carefully.

– You like our music and want to join us as the new vocalist
– You master the art of growling and screaming. High, low and everything in between – You are able to arrange vocals fittingly
– You are charismatic and are not unfamiliar with being on the stage
– You live close to Helsinki, or at least are able to attend practice at Konala, Helsinki easily
– Your life situation is fitting for devoting to a band

Bonus points for:
– Ability to produce appropriate lyrics in English
– The art of clean vocals
– own car or at least a driving licence

If you think you are the right person for the job, contact us @ creinium[AT]gmail.com