This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?

We have decided to kick our bassist Jarmo Pyörälä out of the band. I wish I could say there was no drama, but there kinda was. During the 15 months Jarmo was part of our line up, there wasn’t much to be thankful for. His main achievement during that time was to slow us all down and waste another 15 months of time – time we could have spent recording new stuff or doing gigs.

His complete lack of motivation and respect for agreed schedules and other issues just was too much. I mean, if you don’t show up for rehearsals, don’t pick up the phone or call back, let alone read and answer messages, it’s quite hard to be a member of a band.

We wish Jarmo luck on his career as a chef. Metal bass probably isn’t your thing, dude.

Nevertheless, fuck bassists. Bassists are always a pain in the ass, right?

– Aleksi & others / Creinium


Status update

Hello all,

It so happens, that Creinium has finally managed to find a bassist! The search took more than a year, but now we are proud to introduce our newest member, Jarmo Pyörälä. Jarmo has played with us for a few months already, and now we are making it official.

Jarmo Pyörälä

So how’s everything else? Let me tell you. While searching for the bassist, we’ve been keeping ourselves busy with rehearsals and writing new material. At this pace, we should be ready to hit the stages in no time. As for the new material, there probably won’t be a new Creinium release this year, but next year might not be so unrealistic. A couple of songs are very close to completion, and the drawers are filled with myriads of small and less small ideas to be put together.

– Aleksi


Bassist wanted!

We are still looking for a bassist. Despite our industrious search for one, we still haven’t found a bassist to complete our lineup. We are very eager to finally get on the stage with the new lineup, so if you can handle the bass, please contact us immediately.

The requirements are as follows:
– You know how to play. If you’re a total rookie, this probably isn’t the right band for you.
– You actually like our music and want to join the band.
– You own a 5-6 string bass or are willing to get one. Our tuning is a weird but functional BCGCF. The B isn’t negotiable, lol.
– You are a disciplined and conscientious rehearser. Our music isn’t that difficult technique-wise, but it sure does require some serious memorizing.
– You can communicate in English. Finnish proficiency is a bonus, but we mostly communicate in English.
– You live near Helsinki region or are willing and able to commute there (maximum) o

or twice per week.

If you are interested and feel that you meet the requirements, contact us swiftly at creinium AT gmail D0T com.

More info (in Finnish) here: https://muusikoiden.net/wanted/nayta.php?id=145133


Prometheus Through Immolation music video!

The music video for Hallucinosis’ track number 10, Prometheus Through Immolation, is now live!
Enormous thanks to Patrik Nuorteva / Perish Films for creating this magnificent and imposing video.

As there have been a lot of line-up changes since and before the completion of the album, we felt that the easiest and most rational kind of a music video would be the kind with no musicians.
Although it would’ve been nice to get at least some playing parts on the video, under the circumstances it just didn’t feel right to either show ex-members on the video, or show new members playing the parts ex-members recorded.

Anyhow, here is the video. We hope you like it!
(HD very much recommended)


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Line-up announcements again…

Do you want the good or bad news first?
Well, you’ll get the bad news first, so this will leave a good aftertaste.

Matti Siekkinen (bass) has decided to quit Creinium – again. Matti stated lack of interest and motivation as his main reasons for leaving, and his departure came as quite a surprise to us all. And by us all we don’t really mean us two, which brings us to the good news.

We now finally have 2 very good guitarists in Creinium. There was quite a lot going on during the last 6 months, but we have now stabilized the guitar section and would like to welcome and introduce Valeri Tsatsishvili and Tom Aho.

Obviously we will now start looking for a bassist – again. If you are interested, please do contact us via Facebook or email: band’s name at gmail dot com.

More info on the bassist search here.


New line-up announcement

We are proud to introduce our new vocalist, Mika Tönning! You might know him from such bands as Catamenia and Dawn of Relic. Mika is a highly skilled and very experienced metal vocalist and he’s just the right man to carry on where Eeli left.

Also, after a bit of a break and reconsideration, Matti Siekkinen has decided to rejoin Creinium as a bass player. He will also take care of the backing vocals from now on.

We are still searching for guitar players though. We have been contacted by a few very promising candidates, but we haven’t chosen successors for Tone and Mikko yet. You can find more information (in Finnish) about the guitarist vacancy from here.