New line-up announcement

We are proud to introduce our new vocalist, Mika Tönning! You might know him from such bands as Catamenia and Dawn of Relic. Mika is a highly skilled and very experienced metal vocalist and he’s just the right man to carry on where Eeli left.

Also, after a bit of a break and reconsideration, Matti Siekkinen has decided to rejoin Creinium as a bass player. He will also take care of the backing vocals from now on.

We are still searching for guitar players though. We have been contacted by a few very promising candidates, but we haven’t chosen successors for Tone and Mikko yet. You can find more information (in Finnish) about the guitarist vacancy from here.


Line-up news incoming

Hi folks!

It’s now been nearly 4 months since the major changes in Creinium’s lineup. Even though it has seemed that I’ve been alone in the band doing mostly nothing, there’s actually been a lot going on under the surface regarding the album and the recruitment of new band members.
There are still a few variables in the equation, but things should become clear in a few days. Things are actually looking better than in a long while and later this week I will publish some long-awaited good news regarding Creinium’s lineup.

– Aleksi


Hallucinosis available for pre-listening

Our first full-length album ‘Hallucinosis’ is now available for streaming in all of its glory, exclusively via Kaaoszine. Take this opportunity to pre-listen the full album before the official release date!

Hallucinosis will be released on July 1st through Inverse Records. You may pre-order the album from: http://creinium.net/merch/
All pre-orders placed before June 27th come with free shipping worldwide.

Album stream: http://kaaoszine.fi/dark-metallia-perjantaille-creiniumin-debyytti-kaaoszinen-ensisoitossa/


Pre-order Hallucinosis!

Hallucinosis is now available for pre-order via our webshop: http://creinium.net/product/hallucinosis-cd/
Instead of being equipped with a T-shirt, this awesome debut album comes with ***DRUM ROLL*** FREE SHIPPING!!

Hallucinosis consists of 65 minutes and 12 songs of pure awesomeness. Now would be a great time to order yourself a copy, cuz this album is going to blow your mind. If not, we promise you a full refund for the shipping costs, lol.